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VandenBroecke Kliniek Team

VandenBroecke Kliniek Team

The VandenBroecke Clinic is the only Dutch clinic 100% specialized in eyelid surgery. Your doctor is always a plastic surgeon and has a minimum of 10 years experience as and eyelid surgeon.

The VandenBroecke Kliniek is run by a close team of healthcare professionals. Allow us to introduce:

Noortje de Boer, office

Daphne Modderman, office

Marielle Soetiin, office

Kim Vetter, office

Ghislaine Blikman, office

Rilana Sanders, office

Julian van den Broecke, office

Corina van Veldhuizen, doctors assistant

Yvonne Koevoet, doctors assistant

Yvonne van Steenbergen, doctors assistant

Menja ten Hove, doctors assistant

Tamar Levy, doctors assistant

Melanie van Maris, accounting

Marenthe Schraven, clinic manager

Bas van den Broecke, commercial director en Duco van den Broecke, medical director and plastic surgeon

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