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Lower eyelid surgery

The procedure

Depending on the surgical technique required, lower eyelid surgery may be performed under local or general anaesthetic. In most cases we operate under local anaesthetic.

Local anaesthetic is injected under the skin. The injection may sting a little. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, you feel very little of the procedure. The plastic surgeon makes an incision in the lower lash line. Excess skin is removed and subcutaneous fat is reduced or repositioned. The plastic surgeon may also reinforce the underlying tissue to prevent gravity-induced sagging (unfortunately this can happen over time). The treatment plan prepared by the plastic surgeon will ensure that you do not develop hollows under your eyes. This is a sign of ageing that is corrected as much as possible. The incision is concealed along the lower lash line.

Lower eyelid surgery is usually completed in approximately 45 minutes.

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The initial consultation is always conducted by the plastic surgeon who will perform your treatment.
You can book a consultation appointment online or by phone.

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