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Lower eyelid surgery

Quality policy

All processes at VandenBroecke Kliniek are monitored to ensure continuous quality improvement. VandenBroecke Kliniek has set quality standards for every aspect of its service. The clinic specialises in a particular area of plastic surgery. We also ensure that treatment is planned, performed and evaluated by the same plastic surgeon. This has enabled us to perfect our diagnosis and assessment of what is required, our technical mastery of the various procedures, and the follow-up care provided after eyelid surgery. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer continuity of treatment and quality care.

Our state-of-the art treatment rooms are equipped with the latest technology and meet the highest standards.

Internal audits form the basis for the maintenance and improvement of quality in all departments. The processes involved in providing information, treatment and follow-up care are all carefully monitored.

During the final check-up we ask our patients to give us feedback on the information, treatment and follow-up care they received and what they think of the results. You can view our patient feedback statistics during your visit to our clinic.

Our quality standards, treatment room inspection procedures, audit results and patient feedback are continually evaluated in accordance with established protocols. That way we can guarantee that the personal attention and care we provide are of the highest possible quality.

Patient Feedback

We ask all of our patients to give us feedback on the service we provide on completion of their treatment. Among other things we want to know if they were satisfied with the initial consultation, the information they were given and the follow-up care. We also want to know if they are pleased with the results. Of course we also welcome suggestions on how we can improve our services. This enables us to ensure and continuously improve the quality of our clinic.

You can see our Patient Feedback Form here. You can view our patient feedback statistics during a visit to our clinic.

You can also view photos and read patient testimonials on our website.

One of our patients kept a journal and has allowed us to publish it.



The initial consultation is always conducted by Dr Van den Broecke, the plastic surgeon who will perform your treatment.
You can book a consultation appointment online or by phone.

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