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Lower eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery introduction

Lower eyelid surgery is a commonly performed procedure that is a very effective solution for many people. Bags, sagging skin and fine wrinkles under the eyes can often be improved. After lower eyelid surgery you look years younger and fresher.

With bags, sagging skin and fine wrinkles under the eyes, you often appear tired or older than you are or feel.

What can you expect with lower eyelid surgery?

During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for lower eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is not always the best solution, especially with lower eyelid surgery. Dark circles or “alternating” puffiness (puffy in the morning and not in the evening) are often not good indications. If you have “alternating” puffiness, it may be an indication of a buildup of fluid in you lower eyelids. The initial consultation is always conducted by the plastic surgeon who will perform the treatment. During the initial consultation, you are provided with detailed information about the procedure.
The plastic surgeon will also advise you on how much improvement you can expect to see as a result of the surgery. This advice will depend on the diagnosis.

At this point, you may wish to schedule a procedure. We usually have relatively short waiting lists. Before commencing the procedure, the plastic surgeon carefully marks out the area of excess skin. The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes and you are told what is happening at each stage so you always know what to expect. Our plastic surgeons use diathermy techniques, so there is very little bleeding.

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The plastic surgeon makes an incision in the lower lash line. Excess skin is removed and subcutaneous fat is reduced or repositioned. The wound is then closed with a suture. The stitching is done in such a way that the skin knits together neatly and the stitches are easy to remove. We give you a cold gel eye mask to take home with you if you wish 2. After a week, the stitches are removed.

This website provides a great deal of information. Browse through it at your leisure. If you have questions, please call us on 088 004 27 00.

You will be able to address all of your questions when you visit our clinic in Leiden. Most patients like to be given a tour of the clinic. Here you can book a no-obligation initial consultation appointment.

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Our clinic focuses on eyelid surgery. Although Lower eyelid surgery is a relatively small procedure, the procedure requires a lot of insight and experience. Our plastic surgeons diagnose and operate on a daily basis. They are experienced.

Lower eyelid surgery

Before the treatment, we take photos for your medical records.

Excess skin is removed and subcutaneous fat is reduced or repositioned. The plastic surgeon may also reinforce the underlying tissue to prevent gravity-induced sagging (unfortunately this can happen over time). The treatment plan prepared by the plastic surgeon will ensure that you do not develop hollows under your eyes. This is a sign of ageing that is corrected as much as possible. The incision is concealed along the lower lash line.

Depending on your desires, our plastic surgeon can also lift the outer corner of your eye slightly. This enhances the shape of your eye.

Your eyes will look fresher.


Why choose VandenBroecke Kliniek?

Specialist clinic
Initial consultation and procedure by the same plastic surgeon
Modern treatment rooms
No waiting lists
Evening and weekend consultations available every week

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After Lower eyelid surgery

You can leave the clinic with an escort shortly after the procedure, you cannot drive.  Your eyes will be swollen and have bruising, which generally disappear within a week. The cold gel eye mask that you get from the clinic can help reduce these symptoms. After a week, the stitches are removed. Most people go back to work after this period. The improvement will already be noticeable.

You can book a no-obligation Initial consultation appointment with one of our plastic surgeons.

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