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Why have eyelid surgery?

Why are you considering eyelid surgery?

You look tired or older than you feel, you have bags under your eyes, or drooping eyelids are causing fatigue or impairing your vision. People have different reasons for choosing to undergo eyelid surgery at some point in their lives.

For every patient we prepare a treatment plan based on their reasons for seeking treatment, the desired result, their appearance and the quality of their skin.

The treatment plan specifies how much skin, fat and possibly muscle tissue need to be removed from the area around your eyes to achieve the most natural looking result. The procedure will give you back an open face and make your eyes look more alert. You will enjoy the benefits of eyelid surgery for many years.

You can also book a no-obligation consultation with our plastic surgeon in the evening or on the weekend.


Why choose VandenBroecke Kliniek?

Specialist clinic
Initial consultation with experienced plastic surgeons
Modern treatment rooms
No waiting lists
Evening and weekend consultations available every week

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