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Eyelid surgery

What can be achieved by eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery will give you back an open gaze and make your eyes look more alert. Looking tired will be a thing of the past. Eyelid surgery has been scientifically proven to take an average of 6 years off facial appearance. It can also relieve fatigue and headaches. A fresh start!

After eyelid surgery the area affected by the procedure may be slightly swollen. This is quite normal. Your body needs time to recover from the treatment. As the skin settles and tightens the improvement will already be noticeable.

Three months after the procedure you return to the clinic so the plastic surgeon can perform a final check-up. We take photos of the area affected by the surgery for your medical records. It is then possible to assess whether the procedure had the desired effect. The results achieved by eyelid surgery usually last for many years. Our plastic surgeon will be able to tell you more about this after assessing the quality of your skin.




The initial consultation is always conducted by the plastic surgeon who will perform your treatment.
You can book a consultation appointment online or by phone.

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