Eyelid surgery specialists

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Looking for a specialist clinic to perform

your eyelid surgery?

VandenBroecke Kliniek specialises entirely in eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) Treatment is always provided by an NVPC-registered, Dutch plastic surgeon. An initial consultation with a specialist qualified to perform the procedure involves no obligation on your part.

You can choose one of our close team of 3 plastic surgeons, all of whom have at least 10 years’ experience in eyelid surgery. All 3 plastic surgeons also work at local hospitals in the department of plastic surgery. For more information, please click on the following links.

Mrs. Martine van Huizum
Mr. Duco van den Broecke
Mrs. Rose Rhemrev-Pieters

Peace of mind at VandenBroecke Kliniek:
Specialist eyelid surgery clinic
Experienced NVPC-registered plastic surgeons
In Leiden, near The Hague and Amsterdam
No waiting lists
Evening and weekend consultations available every week!

Why choose our clinic?

Visit the clinic and meet

your plastic surgeon


Mary Beystraat 5
2324 DK Leiden
088 004 27 00

You want to be well prepared when visiting a clinic. Important questions to ask during a consultation are: Is the initial consultation conducted by the plastic surgeon? Is the doctor qualified as plastic surgeon? How much experience does the plastic surgeon who will perform the treatment, have? How accessible is the consultant after the procedure? Does the plastic surgeon also work in a hospital?

You are welcome to book a no-obligation initial consultation.

Available consultation appointments

You deserve

personal attention

One in 7 people in the Netherlands choose to undergo eyelid surgery at some point in their lives.

What are the symptoms experienced by our patients?
-Tired eyes/eyebrows
-Excessive tearing / impaired vision
-Forehead muscle compensation
-Tired appearance

A procedure can leave you looking years younger and fitter. Our experienced plastic surgeons guarantee a natural looking result.

We hope this website will provide you with a great deal of information. If you have questions, you can contact us on 088 004 27 00 or at info@vandenbroeckekliniek.nl.

Eyelid surgery